Caprock Kennels, LLC
David and Jennifer Harper
All Breed Professional Handling
Agent #1064/ 6456


This agreement is made between David and Jennifer Harper, hereinafter called “Handler”, and hereinafter
called “Owner” - ____________________________. Date: _____________

Responsible Party
Owner of Dog: ________________________________________________________________
E-mail: ______________________________________________________________________
Home #: _____________________________  Cell #: __________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________
Co-owners of Dog: _____________________________________________________________
E-mail: _______________________________________________________________________
Home #: _____________________________  Cell #: __________________________________

Registered Name: _______________________________________________________________
Call Name: _______________________________  Breed: ______________________________
Color: __________________  Sex: _____________  AKC#: _____________________________
Date of Birth: __________________________ Country of Birth: _________________________
AKC Points to Date: _____________________________________________________________
Goals for the above mentioned dog: _________________________________________________
If a Special, the length of the dog’s Special’s career will be through: _______________________

Please attach a copy of your dog’s rabies certificate. It is required by law to accompany your dog during any
public event (Whether dog is traveling with handler or is met at ringside). Your signature below is also an
authorization for any emergency care needed and/or provided while in care of the handler. All veterinary
services fees will be the responsibility of the owner.
All dogs must be kept current on all vaccinations. It is the responsibility of the owner to inform handler that
vaccinations have become due. All dogs are required to be on Heartworm preventative, which will be given by
the handler and appear on your monthly statement. Owner is responsible for any life/health insurance placed
on above dog.

Duties of the Handler
The handler agrees to present your show dog(s) in a professional manner, with both handler and dog well
groomed and enthusiastic. The handler agrees to abide by the rules of the AKC and local kennel and breed
clubs, and to conduct himself with good sportsmanship. The handler agrees to exercise dog and provide
quality care and housing for dog. All kennel premises will be kept clean and properly enclosed. All exercise
yards will be properly fenced. The handler agrees to feed and water dog properly and regularly. The handler
will provide a safe travel environment with soft bedding, good air flow, and temperature controls. The handler
will carry insurance to cover all of the dogs in his/her care whether at home, on the road, or at a dog show.

The undersigned owner or responsible party agrees to pay the handler all fees as set forth on the schedule of
fees found on his website: Prices are subject
to change without notice. It is also agreed and understood that the undersigned owner or responsible party
will pay all entry fees and veterinarian fees. A $500.00 deposit per dog is required for all dogs boarding and
traveling with the handler. This is a deposit to be held and credited to your account when this contract is
terminated. It will not be considered payment on your bill. Bills are emailed on the 1st and 15th of every month.
All bills are due within 30 days. Bills over 60 days will be charged an extra 10% late fee. Payment is due in full
before picking up your dog. Payment options are as follows: cash, checks, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, or

Photos will be made of all major wins, group placements, Best in Shows, Specialty and National wins. The
owner is responsible for the cost of all photographs.

The owner is required to run one advertisement in the magazine of the owner’s choice during or after the
championship is accomplished. Specials being run full time are required to run an advertisement at least every
other month in an all-breed magazine. Ads must include image of handler, and handler’s name and handler’s
contact info.

Cancellations must be by the client before the close of entries. Handling fees will be invoiced unless the
handler withdraws the entry before the entries close. If a dog should finish its championship during a series of
shows already contracted for the dog may be shown as a Special for the full handling fee.

All dogs are taken on a first come basis. Our priority dogs are the dogs traveling with the handler and take
priority over ringside dogs. Specials will have priority over class dogs. Dogs that have been with the handler
the longest will have priority. If a conflict should arise, your dog will be placed with an assistant or another
experienced handler and normal fees will apply.

Agreements (Please initial)
I do not have any outstanding debts with any other handlers _________
I have read and signed a payment contract _________
I have read and understand the fee schedule _________

I understand that the above is a legal and binding contract in Montgomery County, Pinehurst, TX. I understand
and agree to abide by the above terms in this contract.

___________________________________________   Date: ___________________
Signature of owner and /or responsible party

___________________________________________  Date: ____________________
David Harper, Agent Code #1064
Jennifer Harper, Agent Code #6456