BIS/BISS GCH Dual Lanes Cam JH
BIS/BISS GCH Suphan's Mr Goodness
BIS GCH Coventry's Pennant
BISS/RBIS GCH Zilya's Chicago Blues
Fusion at Runes
BIS/BISS GCH Ducat's Smokin' Hot
BISS GCH Caprock's Life
of the Party
RBIS/BISS GCH Alliebeckscion
Love on the Rocks SDHF
BIS/BISS GCH Militza's Glamorous Attire
BISS GCH Worthington's
Silver Star CC
BISS GCH Liberty's Gris
Gris Creole Treat
BIS/BISS Ch Nautilus Ripley's
Coyote Ugly SDHF
BISS GCH Sunnydaze Running
Across the Miles
BIS/BISS GCH Sunfall's Smoke Gets
In Your Eyes
BIS GCH Antebellum's Sharp Shooter
BIS GCH Midnight Rider's Black
Denim Trousers
BIS/BISS GCH Labyrinth's
Champagne Delight
Cactus Jack's Showtime
BIS/BISS GCH Italianstyle Casper
MBIS/BISS GCH Hanagram's
Teenage Dream
MBIS GCH Silverhill's High Society
BIS/BISS GCH Dognews's St Bow